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    A Nuclear Technology that will Support Agriculture and Industrialization Process in the Country


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Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Hon. Prof. Joyce Ndalichako (MP) witnessed by the Arusha Regional Commissioner, Hon. Mrisho Gambo, laying the foundation stone to inaugurate the construction of the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission Laboratory Complex at Njiro Headquarter in Arusha. The construction of laboratory is funded by the Goverment of Tanzania and European Union in terms of equipments and training, The laboratory will cost about 13.7 billion Tsh. upon its accomplishment. The labolatory services aims to support peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology in the country and other African countries. Read more >>


Construction of New Laboratory Complex in TAEC Headquarter


The Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) through Government funding is in the early phase of constructing a laboratory complex that would support its activities. TAEC has set aside a piece of land with utilities for construction of the laboratory complex. Also the government of Tanzania, through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), has committed part of funds through normal budget system. The laboratory complex will provide services for routine radio-analytical and testing for regulatory and promotional function of TAEC as well as support universities, research centers, mineral processing, and industrial applications in the region. Read more >>



The Installation of Laboratory Equipments: Phase I


The Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission has commenced implementing the European Union Project that is supporting  the regulatory authority  to improve the nuclear and radiation safety including occupational health and environmental aspects related to uranium mining activities. The Government of Tanzania  signed a Financial Agreement to Implement the project the through infrastructure improvement, licensing and regulatory oversight activities and training of staff. The project will support the long-term objective of the Government, which is ensuring public health and environmental safety by well-regulated management and operation of uranium mining and milling in Tanzania.  The  project will improve the capabilities of Tanzania to independently regulate the uranium mining industry, by transfer of know-how and best EU practices. Read more >>


'Nuclear Technology for Sustainable National Development'

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