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Emergency Preparedness Review Services Mission to United Republic of Tanzania- EPREV

Tanzanial radiological emergency preparedness review mission was hosted by the Tanzania Atomic energy Commission mid March 2014. Since 1999, the IAEA provides the Emergency Preparedness Review (EPREV) service to appraise, independently, preparedness for a radiation incident or emergency in Member States. An EPREV provides an appraisal by the IAEA and international experts, focusing on preparedness for response to a radiation emergency and assessing the capability to respond to such situations. Read more >>

IAEA Deputy Director General Dr Kwaku Aning Visits United Republic of Tanzania

The IAEA Deputy Director General Dr Kwaku Aning visited Tanzania from 13th-15th March 2014 to discuss with Government official on the implementation of IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme in Tanzania. Read more >>

Recent News

57th Annual Session of IAEA General Conference Concludes

IAEA Director of Africa Division in Tanzania

Hon. Vice president Dr. Mohamed Ghalib Bilal Visits TAEC

Establishing a National Network for Nuclear Education, Science and Technology in Tanzania

United Republic of Tanzania has taken initiatives for establishing, a national nuclear network for education, science and technology,(TAN-NEST) taking into account the recommendations of the 1st AFRA-NEST General Assembly at the regional level, as well as results of a Consultative Meeting of Stakeholders in Tanzania at the National level. TAN-NEST will play a in helping to maximize the return on the government’s investment in nuclear technology research, training and education by promoting and sustaining key collaborative activities for infrastructure and human resources development as it has been recognized that developing countries in other regions could greatly benefit from the strategies and lessons learned from similar networking initiatives in other the region.It is hoped that the approaches reached by Tanzania will spark more interest in establishing national networks that can be applied to other countries as appropriate. Read more >>   .............................................

New: Report on Assessment of EMF Radiation Levels in Tanzania

The First AFRA-NEST General Assembly Took Place in Tanzania

Annual Technical Working Group Meeting (TWGM)