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Honorable Minister of Education Science and Technology Prof. Joyce Ndalichako (MP) paid a visit to the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission Headquarters in Arusha to review the final stages of construction and installation of modern equipment in the new laboratory. The lab facility will be used for calibrating and testing radiation equipment in order to increase the safety and control of radioactive sources in the country. The Commission will be able to deliver quality services effectively and boost productivity fo the nation. The modern equipments will serve needs not only within the country but also all other countries in the East African Region and beyond. Read more >>

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New Labolatory Construction Updates


The use of radiation and nuclear techniques in the country has brought tremendous benefits to many people in our society today. The Government has done a major and fundamental input in building a TAEC laboratory Complex with modern equipment. Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission will strengthen its services through calibrating and testing of radiation detection equipment so as to increase the safety and control of radiation sources in the country. This modern equipments will serve needs not only within the country but also all other countries in the East African Region and beyond.In this regard the commission will increase its capacity to carry out its mandate according to the Atomic Energy Act No. 7, 2003 effectively with high expertise and contributes the great prosperity in the fields of Agriculture, Livestock Development, Health, Water Resource, Mining, Industries and Energy which in turn will help in boosting the growth of industrial economy that will open up employments opportunities to our citizen



Radiation Safety Inspections to Strengthening Regulatory Effectiveness


Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission reminds that in accordance to the Atomic Energy Act and its subsequent regulations require that every radiation user, radiation generating device and mobile radioactive apparatus be registered and licensed and any person intending to initiate a practice or to possess a radiation source, shall submit a prior notification to the Commission of such an intention. The Atomic Energy Act provide powers to the Commission to take necessary enforcement actions in the event of violation of safety requirements, which include suspension of those facilities with serious violations that jeopardize the safety of workers, patients and the public in general. The Commission has strengthened its systematic inspection programme and rigorous inspections are now being carried throughout the country.

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